Hoke Landing Open House

Join us multiple weekends from September through the beginning of 2018 as we showcase Hoke Landing, a custom neighborhood located in the Hwy 1010 / 401 vicinity! There will be an Agent on Duty for each date to answer any questions you might have about the subdivision. Hope to see you there!

Event Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm @ Hoke Landing Lane

Open House Dates:

December 15th / Agent: Rob Ruark

December 16th / Agent: Jim Holland

January 6th / Agent: Gus Nystrom

January 7th / Agent: Rob Ruark

January 13th / Agent: Logan Glover

January 14th / Agent: Rob Ruark

January 20th / Agent: David Anson

January 21st / Agent: Mary Gonzalez

January 27th / Agent: David Anson

January 28th / Agent: Colleen Cassada

Jim Holland